Party Rental Guide and Information

To findout about our delivery charges please click here.

All customers must fill out and sign our Rental Agreement.

1.  You must have a flat, grassy area in order to set up any inflatable.*

2. The grassy area MUST be large enough to accommodate the unit, including the height of the unit.*

3. A three pronged, grounded outlet within 100 feet of the setup is required.

4. Children using any bounce house must be supervised by a responsible adult.

5. A deposit is required on all rentals

6. The balance of the rental is due upon delivery of the rental.

7. The customer or point of contact given, must be present upon time of delivery.

*if we attempt to deliver and are unable to set up because of a failure to meet one or more of the requirements listed above, the customer is still responsible for the delivery charge and forfeit the security deposit of $50.00 dollars.

8. All participants must remove shoes, glasses, and any other sharp object that may cause personal injury or rental damage.

9.  No flips, wrestling, running or pushing.

10. Do not bounce against sides, near the entrance or near the step area.

11. No food, drinks, gum, pets, or silly string in the units

12. No hanging on the unit or attempting to climb the unit.

13. Exit if the inflatable begins to loose air and deflate.

14. Unload the participants immediately and deflate the unit if the wind speeds exceed 14 mph.

15. Only compatible age groups and sizes shall play on the inflatable unit at the same time.

16. No participants are allowed on a partially inflated unit.

17. Absolutely no FIRE PITS, GRILLS, or camp fires near the units/

18. Always have an adult supervision gth init/

19. Keep dogs and all other pets away from the unit.

20.  Do not move the inflatable unit once the set up has been completed by our employees.


Cancelation/Refund Policy


Bounce With Us reserves the right to cancel any reservation for any reason including, but not limited to, inclement weather(rain or high winds), unexpected damage to a rented unit. and any other emergency situation.  Under these circumstances, the customer will receive a full refund unless he or she decides to reschedule.

Bounce With Us also requires the customer give at least 14 days notice when cancelling their event.  If customer fails to give the proper notice, the required deposit of $50.00 dollars with not be refunded.

Furthermore, if Bounce With Us arrives at an event and they are unable to setup because of failure to meet all of the terms and conditions of a rental, the rental will be canceled and required deposit withheld.

*if the renter for any reason cancels or decides once the unit has been placed and inflated that they do not want it anymore or has scheduled with one more than one company there will be a $50.00 Fee for removal of the said unit.  Fee must be paid at this time and is non refundable.


Any rental booked and reserved within 36 hours of rental, will be charged a $10.00 delivery fee and must be paid in full.